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Our Work

No matter how interesting, inspiring, or persuasive your story, it’s going nowhere if the right people don’t hear it. At PR Expressions, we have professional ties to key members of the print and broadcast media, including newspapers, magazines, trade publications, radio, and television. We work 24/7 to cultivate our relationship with the media just for you.


Print and broadcast media once were king, but in today’s world we have third wheel, people increasingly rely on the Internet to get their news. Whether you’re looking for PR agencies to market a product or service, educate the public about an issue, or enhance your brand, reaching your target audience is a matter of planning and commitment. Our savvy PR consultant take time to create a print, broadcast and or digital strategy that dovetails with your larger marketing and business plans, and helps drive them. We skillfully  frame your story and pitch it in a way that grabs attention, builds interest and enhances your brand.


We have an insider’s knowledge of the people, practices, and protocol of the media world. That involves understanding what the media wants (and what they don’t), knowing how to present information in a way that resonates with journalists and the public alike, and being sensitive to timing and tone. You can count on us to get you the broadest, most penetrating and positive exposure for your advertising or public relations dollar.

Melo Davis

CEO/PR Consultant

Melo studied Mass Communication at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, and holds a Bachelor’s degree. She is currently completing her graduate studies in Public Relations from Southern New Hampshire University. She is also pursuing a Career Development training certificate.

She has an extensive background in the entertainment industry, which includes TV, with roles in editing, production, and leads research; radio, with roles in promotion, production, and reporting; magazine and newspaper, as a staff writer and managing editor; and promotions at a major film casting company, where Melo planned casting calls and scouting events for projects including, The Great Debaters, Fast & Furious, Men of Honor, and Seven Pounds.

Melo also takes pride in her work outside of the entertainment industry. Melo has worked in social services as a youth specialist and job readiness case manager, publicity liaison for faith-based organizations, and as a life coach.

She is passionate about helping in her community through volunteering and mentoring the youth. Melo is known as a motivator, mentor, and advocate for those in vulnerable circumstances. Her background as a life coach has enabled her to motivate many women and young people to achieve success and live their dreams.

Melo’s passion for public relations combined with her love for helping clients with resources to improve their lifestyle, led to her vision of starting her own agency. Her drive quickly turned that vision into reality with PR Expressions, a boutique agency serving public figures and small businesses, including non-profits and faith based companies. Based in Louisiana, PR Expressions quickly obtained global reach and has helped countless brands.

Melo also enjoys spending time with her family, writing, observing nature, and reading non-fiction books.